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This website is aiming to bring together working groups, researchers, students or any people with an interest in traditional ways people use and manage the natural resources in Europe.

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in any language on any aspect of traditional resource management. Includes books, articles and other publications on Italian, Moroccan, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Scandinavian and Eurasian ethnobiology. Send us full bibliographic reference, including link to pdf or other location.


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information and application procedures for educational and training courses available for students

Many people that are working in ethnobiological projects in Europe attended the 9th Congress of Ethnobiology that was held in June 2004 in the University of Kent at Canterbury, and expressed an interest in sharing information and creating a web-based network of useful contacts and resources

You can check out the details and minutes of our first meeting, the list of participants with their research interests and academic affiliations.

This website is under construction and will be updated frequently! If you have information you would like to be included in the website then you can send us your publications, research interests, web site addresses of relevant institutions, upcoming events or any other relevant information to:


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